We Are Growing – Office Expansion Underway!

We are delighted to announce the next chapter in the Pure Dermatology Denver story!

We are expanding our office!

Due to all of your support, we have grown tremendously over the past 5 years, and as a result, we need more space. We are expanding our office into the adjacent suite within our building. Our footprint will expand by more than 1200 square feet with 4 new exam rooms to provide the best experience to our patients and community.


Click here for a sneak peek!


Advice from Our Skin Care Specialists – Licensed Aestheticians Katie Velasquez and Ashli La Madrid

Did you know wearing sunglasses protects against crow’s feet? Keep those sunnies at hand! When you squint in the sun, crow’s feet wrinkles are more likely to develop. So always wear sunglasses with UV protection, especially in sunny Colorado.